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app for holly heights

Player: Jacquie
Age: 16
Personal Journal: [personal profile] furudo
Contact Info: aim: endlesssaiko ; msn: akihiko@live.jp ; [plurk.com profile] endlesssaiko
Other Characters: None, though I also apped Akihiko Sanada.

Characters Name: Rise Kujikawa
Age: 16
Canon Point: Post True Ending. I'm taking her from the game as opposed to the animation.
Species: Human
Gender: Female, physically and mentally.
Orientation: Heterosexual. Rise shows romantic interest in the protagonist, who is male, even if she is just teasing most of the time. She flirts and teases him constantly and openly.

Persona 4
As an idol, Rise exhibits traits you'd expect from someone of that status- she's cute, a bit childish, confident, bold, and even a little flirtatious.

While that isn't fabricated, Rise questions herself deep inside. As displayed by her shadow and through her social link, Rise just isn't sure who exactly she is. In her dungeon, for example, her shadow represents her detest towards her idol self "Risette", who she claims is a fictional character sold to the public by her agency. She felt that Risette wasn't Rise, and that the only "friends" she truly made liked the fake her, not Rise herself. Rise accepts her shadow, claiming that there is no "real her", and gains her initial Persona, Himiko.

There are many parts to the girl known as Rise Kujikawa. At the very beginning of her interactions with the investigation team, which occurs when she has moved to Inaba to escape her idol self, she seems gloomy and down, completely different from what is exhibited on TV. It is revealed in her social link that this was her behavior prior to becoming an idol; as a child, she was bullied and exiled and took to staying quiet and reserved. At around that time, a relative of hers signed her up for an idol contest, and by pure luck, she won. Rise gladly took the opportunity to change in hopes of making friends and was on her way to becoming Risette.

Almost immediately following her rescue, however, she shows the cuter, more cheerful, idol-esque part of herself in thanking the gang for their hand in her rescue, which she sticks to using for the rest of the game. With that, her flirtatious nature appears as well, and she shows an immediate interest in the protagonist, flirting with him, which is a habit that lasts throughout the course of the game. She can often be found teasing the other guys this way, as well. She's not afraid to use her charm to her advantage, and is often described by Chie as "dangerous" in that sense.

Throughout her social link, her feelings about her hiatus from showbiz change drastically. At first, she feels relieved and free, even blatantly denying that she is Risette to fans that approach her on the street when she and the protagonist go shopping in Okina City. When her manager begins to pester her, however, and she is faced with a letter from her biggest fan, the seeds of doubt are planted. She breaks down when Kanamin, a new idol, becomes popular and starts to replace her, and she eventually realizes (with the help of the protagonist) that all the "Rises"- the gloomy Rise, Risette, and her shadow, all make up who she is, and not one of them is real or fake. In the end, she embraces every part of herself and decides to return to showbiz in the spring.

However, despite all these doubts about herself, Rise almost always comes across as confident in herself and her abilities. When her "measurements" were going to be read out loud to her friends, she simply shrugged it off, and even welcomed it. When the guys signed her and the rest of the girls up for a beauty pageant without their permission, she was completely fine with it, and went all out on stage with an idol-smile and cute personality. And in a friendly cooking contest with her friends? Come on, guys, at least give Chie and Yukiko a chance at winning (even though she couldn't cook a decent omelette for her life). Outward confidence is a trait strong in Rise.

Rise is, however, quick to annoy, and she's not afraid to say it. When provoked, she can get very childish and emotional. When her omelette was insulted, she burst out into (crocodile) tears, and when Teddie almost bought another idol's photo at the summer festival, she wasted no time yelling at him. On the same note as the incident with the photo, as well as how she feels about Kanamin's fame, Rise is known to be jealous. When the protagonist goes up against Margaret, the Velvet Room attendant and Ultimate Boss of the game, Rise states that Margaret is quite beautiful, and quickly gets jealous of her, asking the protagonist where he met her. Overall, even when in good spirits, Rise always speaks her mind.

Despite her slightly childish nature, however, Rise's life as an idol also seems to have made her grow up in certain aspects. She detests being called a child, and reveals her detest for it in ranting about how wrap parties get "more fun" after she leaves. She often shares her wisdom about the nature of people as a whole based on her experiences as an idol, from how curious people can become about others to how and why rumors, no matter how ridiculous, spread so quickly.

Overall, Rise is a character who isn't afraid to say what she means and show off what she's got. Though she is internally conflicted about herself, she has enough strength to keep it from showing through (most of the time). She's the kind of person who will stand up for herself, and she's not afraid to tell you if you're bugging her. She'll tease you, but it's all in good fun. Though she is an idol, she is still only human and still just a teenager, and faces the problems of any ordinary person.

♪Because she has a maxed social link with the protagonist, Rise has the ability to use the Persona Kanzeon, which evolved from Himiko. Kanzeon has a various amount of analytical and support abilities. She can tell you where enemies are on the battle field, as well as how many there are and their weakness and strong points.

♪Because Rise has this Persona, she is also capable of entering TVs. However, she lacks the power to exit them.

♪Given that Rise is an idol, she can sing, dance, and model quite well.
Other: ♪Rise is happy to help out her grandmother with her tofu shop, Marukyu Tofu, during her stay in Inaba and is very knowledgeable on the subject.

First Person:
[It's another wonderful day in Holly Heights. After a little bit, she's grown to appreciate this place's lack of stalkers and serial murderers.]

Hello, everyone! Rise here.

Has anyone here ever tried ganmodoki before? I know everyone comes from all different places and even different universes, so I think it would be cool if I could share a part of my home with you. It's my grandma's recipe, too, so it's got a personal touch! [Unfortunately for everyone else, they're not necessarily aware that Rise's cooking could be considered lethal.]

If it's possible, you guys should totally make some of your favorite foods to bring, too! It could be a really fun picnic. Maybe we could bond and make new friends while we're at it.

What do you say?

Third Person:
To say Rise was horrified at the sight before her would be an understatement. One by one, Izanami-no-Okami took down her allies, plunging them into a black vortex, all but killing them, and all she could do was stand by and watch. She had a Persona, sure, but even with that, she couldn’t save them. All she could do was tell them that yes, that huge monster of goddess was standing in front of them; as if they couldn’t already see that. First Yukiko, then Yosuke, then Chie; Rise found herself unable to sense their presences as they were dragged down to some unknown place. She could cry; she felt so hopeless. She had called out to them, but what good did that do? What did they gain from that? Absolutely nothing.

She was strong. Despite the knot in her stomach and her begging for them to come back, she was able to hold back the tears in her eyes. At least she could do that much. That is, until that monster got to Souji. When he was pulled down, away from her, under her radar, her hope left with him. Why was she the only one left? Was she really so useless that she couldn’t even save her friends? All she wanted was to be able to support them, in and out of battle, yet she failed to do even that. The tears rushed from her eyes and she couldn’t stop herself from sobbing. Everyone was gone; it was all over.

But there was a feeling in her stomach that was nagging at Rise. That stubborn, headstrong part of her that never let her give up hope before. No, this was wrong. She shouldn’t be crying. Senpai needed her. She had to lend him her strength. Even if she couldn’t sense him, she knew he was there. He had to be! She closed her eyes and clasped her hands together. If she couldn’t reach him with words or with touch, maybe she could reach him with her thoughts. And so she began.


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