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2023-05-24 07:47 pm

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Rise Kujikawa || #1436
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2022-06-09 02:00 pm
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ooc contact Post.

Here's where you can reach me:

aim and plurk: endlesssaiko

personal dw: [personal profile] furudo

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2022-05-25 04:02 pm
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backtagging: always!♥
threadhopping: sure thing.
fourthwalling: nah.

hugging: sure.
kissing: go for it!
flirting: sure!
fighting with this character: hmm, maybe. we should talk about it first.
injuring this character: fine, but let's discuss it first.
killing this character: let's talk about it first.
telepathy/mind reading: ask first, please.
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2021-06-09 01:38 pm
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How's my driving?

If you have any questions, comments, compliments or critiques about the way I play Rise, they go right here! I'm always open for constructive criticism, and I'm very eager to improve, so go crazy. I ask that you're specific about what you may like or dislike about the way I play her, though, because I want to know what to fix and what I'm doing right. Thank you!

Anon is on, anon screening is on, and IP logging is off! (If I lied and one of those is off/on when it shouldn't be, please tell me).